Single “Nah bei mir” (Close to Me) - Steven Morrys

"Nah bei mir" Cover
"Nah bei mir" Cover

“Nah bei mir”, Steven Morrys’ fifth creation, shows the variety that makes him so interesting. It demonstrates a step out of his “comfort zone”, the full extent of his musical and creative limits, and is difficult to categorise. It’s somewhere between neo-folk, blues, soul, indie and pop, with a touch of funk. His voice whisks us away to peace and tranquility from everyday life before bringing us back to reality.


Too often, songs are dull, over-ornate or full of phrases and clichés, and too often, it’s boring sentence components and arrangements that cause us to stop listening. However, there is always an exception to the norm, and that’s when you have to listen and feel compelled to do so. The soul is touched and the heart is opened. Steven Morrys enables us to reflect on moments that many have already experienced, but are now experiencing them afresh through his eyes. His world, his life and his creations are the art of music that allows us to lose track of time. We listen and feel “He is here”, and we sense the moments of his “night-time idyll”. “Nah bei mir” allows us to dream and think, and when Steven Morrys sings, “At this moment I am here,” we feel that too. “Nah bei mir” also allows us to take another look at Steven Morrys’ diary. It is a thoroughly honest mirror of moments and truths that have been felt. After “feel good”, “Leise schreien” (Crying Quietly), “Die Zeit ist reif” (The Time is Right) and “Nobody”, “Nah bei mir” conveys another side of the singer-songwriter from Germany.


Title: “Nah bei mir” Single

Artist: Steven Morrys


Release date: 6th September 2013 (iTunes, amazon, musicload, ...)



Exclusive advance sales from 23rd August 2013 only from iTunes. Orders will then be delivered automatically on 6th September 2013.

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