When and how did you start making music?

Music has accompanied me right the way through my life. Even as a child, I used to imitate the stars of the time, like Elvis, The Beatles and many others.


What is special or individual about your music?

The special thing is that I write and make honest music. I'm not looking for target groups and I am not trying to appeal to a specific market. For me, music is a way of expressing myself, a kind of therapy, a way to process things I have experienced; this in turn helps me and others who can identify with my lyrics.


Who would you be really proud to have as a fan? Why?

I am always pleased when people like what I do – it’s a great feeling when my music and, above all, my message are heard.


What are your favourite bands?

I love music and am not focussed on any particular bands. I like listening to Sting, Genesis and Coldplay, but I wouldn’t say they were my favourite bands. I like all sorts of bands and music and I like to have variety, too.


Which album/s do you consider to be legendary?

I actually find my own forthcoming debut album legendary...


Which albums have never seen the inside of your CD-player?

What I really don’t like are the German hits, folk music and Hüttengaudikram (mountain chalet rave) stuff – such things will definitely never even get close to my CD-player.


Are you completely satisfied with your current song material? Are you working on new things? What is going to be different?

I am more than satisfied with my latest single, "feel good", in fact, I am really excited about it! I am continuing to work on my debut album where every single song is a work in itself, i.e. it’s not a concept album based around just one theme.


What would be the title of your band biography?

Steven Morrys; One Man, Three Words – Just do it!


Which bands would you prefer to be stuck in a drawer with?

I have an aversion to drawer-thinking. Absolutely. Who would want to be in there, it is cramped and dark! No thanks!


Which bands would you not compare yourself with?

I don’t compare – that’s a basic principle of mine. Others are welcome to do it, I don’t mind, but it’s not my thing.


Where and with whom would you really like to perform?

Wow! That’s easy! With Sting or Elton John or Elvis – oh drat, he is dead, of course. Seriously though, I don’t mind, I just like making music and I love singing and so how could it matter to me with whom I am on stage? The important thing is the audience!


 What has been your greatest success to date?

My son, Samuel, and my daughter, Jennifer :-)


When and where did you play your best gig?

Oh goodness, am I supposed to be able to judge this? I don’t think I can...


When and where did everything go really wrong?

In a competition; there hadn’t been a sound check and I was there with a 12-person band and the sound engineer was totally overwhelmed. Nothing went right! I did manage to sing something despite my nerves and not being able to hear, but I felt really low – honestly, how is it possible to give a great performance under such conditions?


When would you say, "I made it!"?

That would make quite a good inscription on a gravestone, don’t you think?

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